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Landscaping Services in New Hampshire

"Landscaping services" can mean different things to different people. For some, it is a lawn mowing company who comes in once a week to cut the grass. For others, it's most noticed when landscapers are coloring the landscape with red mulch after a long winter. Still others know a landscape company for construction as in the installation of retaining walls, patios and other landscape features that bring lasting enjoyment to their yards for many years to come. Click here to see our maintenance packages.

Grandview Landscaping is a premier landscape maintenance company operating out of Windham New Hampshire. Our focus is on meeting the needs of home owners in the upkeep and improvement of their properties. We recognize the key to maintaining your property's value is maintaining the landscape around your home. A lawn that is clean and green, trimmed shrubs and fresh mulch is foundational to any home owner's landscaping priorities.

Beyond landscape maintenance, Grandview landscaping provides landscape construction services as well. Do you need your deck stairs replaced? We can do that. Thinking about a small brick patio or retaining wall? We can install that as well. Looking for a little extra color in your yard, or a hedge for privacy? It's all part of the job for us!

Here is a list of the landscaping services that we provide to our southern New Hampshire landscape clients on a regular basis:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Lawn Care
  • Lawn Irrigation
  • Tree and Shrub Planting
  • Spring Cleanups
  • Fall Cleanups
  • Bark Mulching
  • Snowplowing
  • Weeding/Bed Maintenance
  • Patios and Walkways
  • Retaining Walls
  • Landscape Construction Services

Landscaping Maintenance Services

Whether you are looking to hire a landscaping company to spruce up your yard, or planning to do it yourself, landscape maintenance services can be a daunting task without a plan. With the cost of landscaping services in New Hampshire increasing, it is a good idea to focus on the important parts of your yard so as not to waste money on unnecessary services or ones that you could do yourself. At Grandview Landscaping, we are specialists in residential landscape maintenance.

We have organized the landscape maintenance services we provide into packages that make the most sense for our clients in the Windham, Londonderry, and Salem New Hampshire area.

There are several ways to approach landscape maintenance for residential properties.

Seasonal Maintenance-Certain activities in your yard that should be done at certain times, once a year. Bark mulch is spread once in the spring. Shrub pruning is done once a year also, in the late summer or early fall. The leaves in late autumn need to be picked up before the snow flies.

Continual Maintenance- Other landscape maintenance activities like mowing are done weekly throughout spring, summer, and fall. Weeding of planting beds is done periodically throughout the same span of time. Snowplowing is done as needed, day or night during the winter months.

Client's Preference- Because every yard is different, it's difficult to have any one-size-fits-all landscape maintenance package. Some clients cut their own lawns, but hire us for bed maintenance-edging and mulching, shrub trimming and weeding, etc. Still other clients like to spruce up their beds in springtime, but opt for our weekly lawn mowing services for the summer.

Our landscape maintenance services usually involve a combination of those continual maintenance and those seasonal once a year items. They are designed around the most popular services that our residential clients in Windham, Londonderry, and Salem require most often.

At Grandview Landscaping, we are also happy to customize a landscape maintenance program to suit your needs.

Planting Bed Landscaping Maintenance

Are You Ignoring Your Shrubs?

When it comes to landscape maintenance services in New Hampshire, it's very common to see shrub beds neglected. Aside from an annual bark mulching, many landscapers will simply come weekly to cut the lawn and ignore the shrubs.

At Grandview Landscaping, we assume that if we are going to be in your yard every week anyway, we should have a optional program for planting bed maintenance as well.

Mulching - We spread a lot of bark mulch during the spring season for clients in Windham, Londonderry, Hudson, and Salem New Hampshire. Bark mulch not only looks great, but it helps to retain the moisture that the shrubs and trees will need through the summer months. It's important to not put down too much bark mulch in a given season; the thicker the bark mulch the longer it takes to break down into good organic soil for the plants. 1 to 2 inches on a planting bed that is already mulched is sufficient to color it and give your yard a fresh look in the springtime.

Fertilizing - Most homeowners are diligent about fertilizing their lawn, but what about the shrubs? As shrubs grow they need occasional feeding. Nutrients and minerals are depleted in planting beds, especially with bark mulching that consumes nitrogen from the soil to break down. We recommend an application once a year in the spring just before mulching.

Shrub Pruning - Shrubs do not grow like grass. When you try to trim them like grass they fight back with a vengeance! We recommend natural pruning for shrubs in the New Hampshire landscape, and working with a plant's natural shape. Unfortunately, if a shrub that is been sheared for many years, it's only practical to continue trimming it same way until it needs to be replaced.

Weeding - Until planting beds have a chance to fill in and shade out the soil, weeds will find a home there. It's important to pull weeds before they develop seeds and multiply. Preempting weed growth can prevent the use of excess chemical weed controls because they simply never get established in the first place. Weeding is part of our Seasonal Care package for many of our clients.

Planting - Every once in a while a shrub or tree will die in a client's yard and we will replace it. Or the shrubs are overgrown and it only makes sense to rip them out and plant new ones that will fill the space better. Ground cover can be planted in some shrub beds to reduce the expense of an annual bark mulching routine. Some beds just need a little help with some annuals for seasonal color. Grandview landscaping is happy to make suggestions for you in the area of planting bed enhancements.