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Lawn Care services in Londonderry NH and surrounding towns

Whether you are planning to sell your home in New Hampshire, or simply want to look great in the neighborhood, lawn care services are a basic requirement for curb appeal. If your lawn doesn't look good, nothing else does, and you've lost the opportunity to make a good first impression. Whether you live in a subdivision in Londonderry New Hampshire, a rural home in Windham, or a landscaped home in Salem, you need lawn care if you have a lawn.

Do you need a lawn fast? If you need a jump-start for your lawn, you might consider having us install sod. Sod is a great way to create an instant yard without all the mess and waiting. You can have a beautiful lawn in no time. It not only creates a lush lawn "instantly", but it is also great for patching damaged areas. It does require some maintenance to get the sod to grow. Within thirty minutes of laying the material, water the area and keep it moist for two weeks. The best way to do this is to use a sprinkler system in the early morning and late evening.

For a healthy lawn in New Hampshire you need four basic things: mowing, fertilization, irrigation, and aeration. All four steps are key to keeping a healthy green lawn. Grandview Landscaping provides all of these services for you because we believe that there is no better investment in your landscape than your lawn.

If you need help in any one of these areas, and you live in Windham, Londonderry, Derry, Hudson or Salem New Hampshire, give us a call for a free on-site lawn care evaluation and proposal today!


Although New Hampshire has a short growing season for turf grass, it still requires regular lawn fertilizing and treatments for insects and disease as much as any other part of the country. Lawn fertilizing services are a very good investment in your yard's curb appeal. While it's true that you can buy a four step lawn care product at any hardware or home supply store, there are certain advantages to hiring a professional lawn care service.

Cost. Lawn care fertilizers, weed controls and insect controls can very greatly in price. When you are buying it yourself and the pending upon the advice of a home supply store employee, you can end up paying for more than you actually need. Hiring a lawn care service in New Hampshire can save you more in the long run by purchasing exactly what you need. The cost per application is minimal compared to your time spent shopping and applying it yourself.

Better product, professionally applied. Licensed lawn care service providers in New Hampshire have access to better quality controls than what is available in the homeowner market. The benefit to having a licensed applicator visit your property four times a year is worth a lot in monitoring and preventing serious insect or disease problems from establishing themselves.

At Grandview Landscaping in Windham New Hampshire, we are involved in the monitoring process as we provide your lawn mowing services on a weekly basis. In addition to dethatching, core aerating, overseeding and irrigation services, we can suggest a top notch lawn care service that will keep your lawn green and clean all year long, and work with them to ensure that you are getting the best value for your lawn fertilizing dollars.

Lawn Irrigation

Without a doubt the best investment you can make in your landscape is an automated lawn irrigation system. At Grandview Landscaping, we cut a lot of lawns in Windham, Londonderry, Derry, and Salem New Hampshire. The best lawns we service have lawn sprinkler systems installed.

Lawn irrigation systems save water. Once the soil beneath the lawn becomes dried out, it takes a lot of water to re-saturate it. As spring transitions into summer, the dry air draws moisture from the ground. By the time you are aware of this, it is too late. Traditional hose and sprinkler setups use a lot of water. Often times a homeowner will forget to move the sprinkler and over water some areas of their lawn, while other areas do not receive enough.

The automated irrigation systems that we install have advanced controllers that schedule each area of your lawn for the exact amount of water it needs, as well as specific days. In the event of a drought, towns on city water like Manchester New Hampshire may allow lawn sprinkler systems on alternating odd or even days. Our irrigation systems can do all of this automatically. We install rain sensors to our lawn sprinkler systems also, so that your lawn is not getting watered during a rainstorm.

A lawn that is watered regularly is thick and healthy, which helps to prevent a takeover by summer weeds. This can help your lawn fertilizing program tremendously by using less herbicide to control weeds in your lawn. Drought stressed lawns are also subject to grub infestations. Thick, healthy turf grass is the best deterrent for grubs.
Grandview Landscaping installs and services lawn area irrigation systems for homeowners throughout southern New Hampshire.

Lawn Mowing

Turfgrass is one of the least expensive groundcovers you can have. But it does require maintenance. At the most basic level, Grandview landscaping provides lawn mowing services to customers in Windham New Hampshire and the surrounding towns of Londonderry, Hudson, and Salem.

In New Hampshire many homeowners do prefer to cut their own grass. For those that don't have the time or would prefer to spend their weekends doing something else, our lawn mowing services are a great, affordable option.
As a professional landscape company, we go the extra mile. In addition to the weekly mowing services, we also trim the edges and blow off the driveway and walkways of grass clippings.

Your grass will appreciate our professionalism too! We sharpen our blades every 10 hours, and raise them in the summer as the growth slows down.

As we are mowing your lawn, we are also keeping a keen eye out for any problems in your landscape- dying shrubs, turf diseases, landscape lighting fixtures that have blown out, lawn irrigation heads that are not working properly- so that we can alert you to these issues and take care of them for you if you like.

These days you have to watch every dollar you spend. At Grandview Landscaping, we are very aware of the competitive nature of lawn mowing services in New Hampshire. What we offer our landscape maintenance customers is the added value of having a professional, fully insured landscaping service that they can depend on when they need us. Please be sure to ask us for our list of references so you can make the right decision for your yard.

Lawn Dethatching

Hopefully, you have a thick, green, healthy lawn. But can your lawn be too thick?

Lawns that grow vigorously can build up a thatch layer that forms a mat under the green grass that you see. Over time, this thatch layer will prevent the absorption of lawn care treatments and fertilizers, as well as requiring more water to adequately soak your lawn. At Grandview Landscaping out of Windham New Hampshire, we keep your lawn healthy with our lawn dethatching and lawn aerating services.

The differences between lawn dethatching and aerating. If your lawn has a fairly thick thatch layer there are two ways that we can help. Lawn dethatching is typically done in the springtime before the first cut. We attach tines to our commercial mowers and scarify the top surface of your lawn. It doesn't seem like much, but all that is required in dethatching is to break the thatch layer so that oxygen can be provided to the soil. This enables microbial bacteria in the soil to be activated and begin breaking down that thatch layer.

Core aeration is another way to break down the thatch layer. When Grandview Landscaping core aerates your lawn you will see plugs that look like goose droppings all over your lawn. Core aeration is a great way to loosen hard packed soil as well as breakdown thatch layers. Core aeration is typically done in the fall in conjunction with fall fertilizing and liming services.

Several summers of drought in New Hampshire have been disastrous on residential lawns without automated irrigation systems. If your lawn is one of those, we highly recommend hiring us to install an irrigation system for you. Lawn recovery and over-seeding should be done in the fall. This is a more aggressive form lawn dethatching and overseeding. If your lawn has a decent layer of topsoil, this can be a fairly inexpensive way to rejuvenate your lawn.

So, whether you have a healthy lawn, or a hurting lawn, we can help. Call us today!